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The Enticing Candles Ring Collection is designed to make you smile by hiding a ring valued from $10 to $1,000 inside the wax. There's one hidden in every candle!

The Secret... Every candle has a surprise ring valued up to $1,000!

Enticing Candles design products which make people feel special. This is obvious in everything we do from hiding a surprise ring in our ring collection candles to curating hundreds of fragrances to bring you only the best scents.

Made from the finest fragrances and soy wax...

We Only Sell The Best

Michael Grosser - Founder of Enticing Candles

The Ring Collection - How it Works

The real fun comes when you have burned your candle enough to reveal your ring. Simply remove the shiny package and unwrap to discover which ring is yours! If you win a $1,000 one you will be given a code to go online and choose the design of your dreams!

Smells amazing!

"The smell when you burn it is just incredible! It fills the whole room! Love it!"

Tyler G. 2016

Your Ring Reveal is Next!

$1,000 Rings


$100 Rings 





$20 Fashion Rings 


Amazing Scent!

"I love the size and scent of the golden mango. I can't wait to see what ring I get."

Kate H. 2016

We delight our customers

You would think the perfectly scented candles were enough. We then go above and beyond with the added bonus of your hidden ring.

We're here to make people feel special, so everything we do is focused on sharing the Love!

And share the profits with those less fortunate than us!

Starting in September 2016 Enticing Candles also share the love with those less fortunate than us. Every month we donate to a good cause voted by you.

We excite our community

With over 100 people receiving a free Enticing Candle in 2015 for no other reason than being in our email community. What are you waiting for, join now!

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